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Although Chilean wines primarily became popular in the 1980’s once they were exported out of the country, Chile’s wine production dates back hundreds of years.

As a wine region, Chile is truly blessed. It has a Mediterranean climate that is similar to the climate in California and France. The climate and the geographical traits have helped Chile remain one of the only locations in the world that is resistant to phylloxera, the louse that destroyed many of the world’s best vineyards

in the 1800’s.

Chile is going through a wine revolution and the independents have broken away from Chile's industrial wine culture to lovingly squeeze out small lots of wines, usually using organic, even spiritually tinged theories of winemaking.

This new generation is much more conscious about environmental problems and more committed to healthy, sustainable agriculture and also for the production of wines that have a stronger connection to the Earth and local traditions.

It's very exciting to be part of this revolution and be able to represent some pioneer’s producers and winemakers of this new movement.

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