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And so forth and so on…

Mark Beringer, David Duckhorn and Matt Miller all grew up together, in St. Helena, CA. Since their first meeting in kindergarten, all three have been close friends ever since. Forays into the wine cellars of the Beringer and Duckhorn families for evening sustenance, followed by the thirst quenching respite of an ice cold Coors from the Miller pantry, Mark, David and Matt enjoyed a privileged introduction to the world of food and wine.

In 1980, the Nadalié family from Bordeaux, France, arrived in St. Helena to establish Tonnellerie Nadalié USA. Stéphane was quickly embraced by the trio, and his savvy French palate added to the growing repertoire of fine food and wine! As their passion was shaped by mid-night raids on family cellars, each of the four entered into their university years with a focus on the wine and beer industries.

In 1989, Mark and David met Harry Merlo while studying at Cal State Fresno. The final piece of the quintet was established as Harry provided the venue at his family's bucolic Dry Creek Valley vineyard, for some of the most memorable evenings of food and wine education!

In 2008, the five decided to take their years of knowledge to task, and they formed Et Cetera Wine Company. Their goal: produce wines from the great growing regions of Northern California that could be enjoyed daily. The memories of those early years of wine, beer and food discovery are alive in each bottle.

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