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Argentina - Producers & Wines

This handcrafted wine was made in partnership with small and passionate grape growers practicing Sustainable and Family Viticulture for generation, but left forgotten for years until travel winemaker and Via Pacifica Partner Vicente Johnson discovered their treasure and helped them technically and economically to reach international markets.

Each grower small production is vinified separately to maximize their own expression and character. After fermentation the final blend was defined and the wine moved to barrels for aging, securing perfect integration of the different components before bottling. The result is a unique from carefully selected farmers from the Andes Mountains and that make their work by hand (Manos), hence the name in their honor – Manos Andinas.

Manos Andinas
Otero Ramos Cafetin

Produced by Otero Ramos, Bodega de Familia (Family Winery) in Mendoza, a province where wine culture has been fostered for generations.

Manuel Otero success in the real estate industry gave him the chance to travel around the world representing Mendoza. In these trips he became passionate with the special mystic of wineries and vineyards in Spain, France, Italy and Napa Valley, where he enriched his knowledge on vitiviniculture.

In the 90’s he acquired an old property in Luján de Cuyo, First Vitivinicultural Zone in Mendoza, cradle of the greatest Argentinean wines. In the new century, together with his wife and children, he persisted in fulfilling this project whose imprint has always been passion and the firm conviction of guiding the steps of future generations.Read more

“Cafetin” name is inspired in the traditional “cafetines” (coffee bars) in the early XX century in Buenos Aires. These were meeting points selected by artist, writers, philosophers and friends to gather for a glass of wine and have a good time. In this “cafetines”, among wines and spirits, music and lyrics of famous tango songs were written and played for the very first time. Many of this songs became classics of Argentina’s culture.


Caelum is a family project that was born in 2009. After more than ten years of dedicated farm work and selling grapes to neighboring wineries, they decided to complete the cycle of the vine elaborating wine. With passion, every day they seek for the highest quality, respecting the environment and maintaining a family structure to ensure the care of each bottle.

“Caelum” name comes from a small constellation that can be observed from the Southern Hemisphere and represent a chisel, the sculptor’s tool. As the chisel to a sculptor, our hands are to us the tool for viticulture and winemaking.

Mystic Andes

The Andes Mountains had been home to famous South American Cultures. All of them had the Andes as an important god and part of their mythology.   

That special connection with the Mystic Andes has been passed for generations and we work with a few very small grape growers in the mountains that maintain that strong and almost spiritual connection with their ancestor’s land, which together with their small scale, dedication and handcraftsmanship secures a harvest of the highest quality mountain sourced Cabernet Sauvignon (Cachapoal/Chile) and Malbec (Mendoza/Argentina), both located at the slope of the Andes Mountains.

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